Why are we so amnesic? So easy to spin and manipulate?

Partly, we've been dumbed down to being mere consumers, no longer citizens.

Partly, we lack a shared memory, an artifact we can curate together as we learn more and refer to later. All our tools add to the info-flood, which is drowning us. Your daily info-flow includes some or all of email, texts, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, news feeds, Pinterest, TV, radio, podcasts, vlogs and Twitter, many of which are specifically engineered to addict you.

No wonder we're addled.

Inside Jerry's Brain -- IJB -- is a curated space for conversations that matter.

Here we'll add to the flow (sorry!) while improving the context. For now, I'm the main curator, mostly because I'm using mind-mapping software called TheBrain, which doesn't lend itself to collaborative creation.

To learn more about my Brain, head to JerrysBrain.com.

To get emails telling you about upcoming IJB calls, join this list (say hi via that email and I'll add you).

IJB is, variously:

  • A performance piece, a blend of improv and Monster in a Box
  • An act of vulnerability in an exploration of trust
  • Live curation of all human knowledge
  • A small attempt to make a positive dent in the world, together
  • A nascent Community of Practice
  • An exploration of media and its effects on memory, communication and understanding
  • A many-media experiment
  • Explanations of various beliefs and points of view, which drive human behavior
  • An experiment in whether curated memory improves discourse (or not)
  • A new way to talk about important matters
  • A vlog, a media property (oy! subscribe!)
  • One of many satellite orgs in a broader mapping ecosystem
  • A contribution to the Commons of open content on the Net
  • An experiential discussion about new (information) Commons
  • A star nursery for ideas
  • A shared memory, an example of collective intelligence
  • A cross-disciplinary collaboration arena
  • A petri dish for interpersonal neurobiology
  • A test of everyone's patience with geeky conversations and shiny technology
  • The best possible way of spending your time